Psychological Testing Services

I provide psychological and educational testing services for individuals, from birth through adulthood, as follows:


For infants and children up to age three, I offer developmental testing of cognition (mental development), language, social skills, adaptive behaviors, and motor skills.  For children ages three to six, I offer developmental testing of intelligence (such as verbal, nonverbal, memory, and processing speed) as well as social skills and adaptive behaviors.

Learning Disorders and Attention Difficulties

For individuals six years and older, I provide comprehensive evaluations of learning disorders (reading, math, written language) and attention disorders (with or without hyperactivity).  My evaluations conform to requirements outlined by public and private schools, colleges, and universities for accommodations and services, as well as requirements for accommodations on standardized testing such as the SAT or ISEE.  For more information about disability accommodations on the SAT or similar tests, here is a link to the college board’s website:

Private School and Highly Capable Program Admissions Testing

For children between the ages of four and sixteen I provide admissions or appeals testing in compliance with local private and public school requirements.  Specifically, I use the Wechsler Intelligence Tests (WPPSI-IV, WISC-V),  the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement, Fourth Edition (WJ-IV), and the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Third Edition (KTEA-3).

Independent school admissions test results are typically due by the middle or end of January in any given school year.  I strongly recommend scheduling an appointment as soon as you begin to consider applying for a school that requires testing as my calendar fills quickly with this type of appointment in November, December and January.

Similarly, there is often a very short window of time available for the Seattle Public Schools’ Advanced Learning Programs (HCC/Spectrum) appeals testing, usually due in mid- to late February, and I schedule appointments for appeal testing anytime between September and mid-February.  If you are concerned that your child might not pass the school district testing or you have already received your results and are considering an appeal, please call to schedule an appointment immediately.  PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS A $100 NONREFUNDABLE SCHEDULING FEE FOR APPEALS TESTING.  THIS FEE WILL GO TOWARD THE COST OF TESTING BUT IS NONREFUNDABLE IF THE APPOINTMENT IS CANCELLED.  IF YOU ARE NOT SURE YOU WANT OR NEED TO HAVE YOUR CHILD TESTED, PLEASE WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR RESULTS BEFORE CALLING TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT. 

Helpful links for parents considering highly capable program testing:

•  Seattle Country Day School
•  Evergreen School
•  University Child Development School
•  Open Window School

Early Entrance to Kindergarten

For children whose birthdays fall within local school districts’ range for eligibility for an early entrance to kindergarten, I provide testing in the areas of: communication, cognition, auditory discrimination, visual discrimination, fine and gross motor skills, and social/emotional development as requested by each school district.  Additionally, I can provide this service for children with summer birthdays, as parents are trying to determine whether the child is ready for kindergarten.

School Selection Consultation

All evaluations as described above, will include a brief consultation about school selection and my recommendations about an appropriate school placement.  I can also schedule additional appointments to discuss school selection issues upon request.